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Reinventing Radio

 TuneIn Rebrand. Developing a fresh look for a brand that connects users with the audio they love.


TuneIn delivers a universe of live sports, music, news, and podcasts from all around the world through one incredible listening experience. How can a new identity help this brand reach its audience across a wide range of touchpoints?

My Role


Creative Direction • Art Direction • Visual Design • UI Design • Motion Graphics • Brand Strategy.

The Team


At Tunein I worked with one of the best teams in my life. I worked under Yuri Ono & Geoff Dowd, We worked as a family helping each other grow and this made building a reinventing radio fun. The Team consisted of product designers, visual designers, project managers, animators, photographer and a creative director.

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New Logo

Old Logo

A new look for TuneIn.


When I joined the design team at TuneIn, a new logo had just been finished. It became my responsibility to explore an accompanying visual language that conveys the company's immersive and transformative goals.

Establishing a Bold Style


The TuneIn logo called for a new look that shared it's bold personality and offset structure. I lead the design team in exploring styles across a variety of touch-points including creating the design system,  in-app banners, App Store Assets, icons, branding and social media.


A common challenge was finding a way to feature stations and podcasts without losing the TuneIn brand. We used asymmetric layouts as a foundation for the content's style which helped to keep a connection while establishing an interesting new direction.

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The Framework

Structuring Content First

My earliest design challenge was how to display content on the dashboard. Before starting any design, we spent a great deal of time making sense of workflows and existing content. This involved a tonne of task analysis and also performed   a hierarchical card sort with four participants. My aims were to understand how Market  thought about different categories of content and what was most important to them in the context of creating and analyzing a study.

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Jorney Mapping.jpg
Visual Thinking on Paper


I used storyboarding to have a visual story to describe the user's experience from creating a study, targeting a study and analyzing a study . I put the storyboard board in front of some market researchers to get their feedback and asked follow up questions to get a deep understanding of how they are thinking about the concept I had.

After that I used experience mapping techniques to visualize and communicate the users end‐to‐end experience across various touch‐points the survey process. This allowed us to represent user pain‐points and see where we needed to focus our attention. Mapping out the users emotions was key to setting client expectations about the aspirational emotional state we were aiming to design for.

Telling the TuneIn Story

The website became an important piece of the rebrand as it was here that the TuneIn story would be told. We decided to lead the conversation by highlighting the wide selection of content available. Throughout the landing page, each section is paired with relevant stations and podcasts that showcase the breadth of content.

With the goal of bringing users into the web application, each moment provides an access point for the listening experience. Whether in the form of a featured station or a highlighted category, the user has many ways to quickly discover something they love.

Designing Tunein’s
Owned and Operated Stations

With this new rebrand Tunein wanted to touch all 180 radio stations on their platform and I was tasked to lead the branding and design of these stations.

o&o stations

The Impact

Positive Results After The Redesign

Since the launch of the redesign of Tunein on all platforms, it has had a positive impact on Tunein's user listening experience, at the time of writing (7 months since launch). I would have loved to share actual metrics of this redesign project but for confidentiality reasons I cant put them here.


Some public impact we had:

  • App of the day on the App Store

  • Editors Choice on the App Store

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Editors Choice