I am a multidisciplinary designer focused on visual, UI and UX design. I am currently working as a product designer for SurveyMonkey.
A Long Overdue 
Revolution in Research
This is my story of how I made a positive difference in market research by helping connect peoples opinions to those who needs to hear it.
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The Staance Experience
A story of designing THE STAANCE PLATFORM a web and mobile app that is an at scale and  iterative way to get fast studies for answers at the fingertips.
Developing a fresh look for a brand that connects users with the audio they love.
Some Secret Stuffs
Over the past few years I’ve been engaged on a number of proprietary projects for companies such as Martini Africa, Unilever, FIFA, Redbull and others. These are projects that touch upon their core businesses and are, unfortunately, not available to view. Contact me to see other work examples.
I am really passionate about serving people by solving for their needs and understanding the gravity of those decisions as they impact our world.