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About Me

I am a multi disciplinary designer focused on visual , UI and UX design. I am currently working as a product designer for SurveyMonkey. 

I have been professionally designing since I was 9 years old as a visual designer for my dad who was a graphic design professor and a creative director at Greentones Advertising.

I became a product designer in 2015, Since then I’ve been tinkering on the web making products people love.

Formerly, I helped build products at Tune-in, Staance & DesignHub. Currently, I am a product designer at SurveyMonkey

​and I am really passionate about serving people by solving for their needs and understanding the gravity of those decisions as they impact our world.

At Work

I am the primary designer on the SurveyMonkey enterprise tool. Working side by side research, sales, content, engineering, and product management to conceptualize, design, plan and build a new SurveyMonkey dashboard and admin tool that encourages collaboration, efficiency, support, and awareness, bringing this product from concept through launch.

In Life

Aside from doodling with shapes and gadgets, I am a hardcore gamer, die-hard soccer fan. I wake up by 4am every weekend to watch the English Premier League and a huge Afrobeats fan. I also started the first Afrobeats radio station in North America.

I am not "all design." in
my spare time I am an amateur
street photographer

Let us read, and let us dance; these two amusements will never do any harm to the world.


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